The Executive Board



An Entrepreneur, a lawyer, founder of Kancelaria Medius S.A. and President of the Management Board since 2011. Founder of Medius Collection, based in Madrid and Medius Collection Czech Republic, based in Prague, a companies within the KME Group.

Involved in debt collection processes since 2006. Responsible for creating, introducing and controlling strategies of companies and for contact with key Clients. Author of many publications about finance management process.

He is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the MIDVEN S.A. Company, listed in Warsaw Stock Exchange as well as the member of Supervisory Boards of companies: NOWA S.A. and Arts Alliance S.A.

The Supervisory Board

Artur  Bieńkowski

President of Kancelaria Medius S.A. Supervisory Board

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Company, Securities Broker since 1995. He holds the title of WGT S.A. Broker in respect of derivative instruments. Higher economic education — Master's degree in economics with specialization in financial consulting. Capital market specialist with many years of experience. He has practical and theoretical knowledge of capital markets, with particular emphasis on the seed segment and the alternative market of GPW S.A. — New Connect as well as Catalyst. With his activities, knowledge and experience he helps the company operate on the capital market and acquire new business partners.

Aleksander Szalecki

Member of Kancelaria Medius S.A. Supervisory Board

Graduated from the Faculty of Sociology at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University and studied sociology at Warsaw University. Scholarship holder of ERASMUS programme at the Universitad International de Catalunya in Barcelona, and a graduate of the postgraduate studies in management at the Warsaw School of Economics. He was a trainee attorney at the District Bar Association in Warsaw. He has more than 10 years of experience in business consulting, especially in the field of European funds. He has carried out a several investment projects, especially of an innovative nature, building a company structures from the very beginning and optimizing business processes in a number of entities. 

Przemysław Kowalewski

Member of Kancelaria Medius S.A. Supervisory Board

A member of the Warsaw Bar Association, a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, and a certified adviser in the field of alternative trading system. In 2008–2009, he worked at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority at the Department of Financial Services and Financial Supervision Licencing at the Division of Capital Market Supervision. In 2009–2011, he worked at Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A. and at Dom Maklerski (Brokerage House). Since mid-2011, he has cooperated with EBC Solicitors S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw, an independent Polish advisory firm, one of the largest Authorised Advisers in the alternative trading system organised by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (NewConnect market). Since July 2013, he has cooperated with renowned Warsaw law firms.

Marcin Rymaszewski

Member of Kancelaria Medius S.A. Supervisory Board

A graduate of the University of Silesia (2005) in the field of Management. He began his professional career working as a financial advisor and investment expert in financial advisory companies. Since 2006 he has been working for Dom Maklerski BDM S.A. taking up the following positions: Financial Consultant, Team Manager, Deputy Head of the Branch, Head of the branch and Deputy Head of the Sales Department. He has extensive knowledge of marketing, sales and management. He has conducted numerous training sessions on the functioning of the capital market and has coaching competences at the 5 EQF level. 

Kancelaria Medius Story

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Polish success in Brussels. Jerzy Buzek was elected the President the European Parliament.


The present President of the Management Board Michał Imiołek registeres his economic activity under the name „Kancelaria Medius”. Initially, the company concentrates on legal services provided for corporate and individual clients as well as debt collection operations by order.


GPW SA. Shares enteted the Warsaw Stock Exchange based in Warsaw.


Kancelaria Medius S.A. purchases first traded receivables. The company develops very fast, constantly developing its portfolio of performed services and debt collection cases.

Kancelaria Medius S.A joins Polish Debt Collection Association.

It was already commonly known Kancelaria Medius S.A. was not a typical law firm but an entity dealing with receivables.

Informal decision on transformation into a joint – stock company and entering NewConnect at Warsaw Stock Exchange.


Polish presidency in the European Union. On the 1st of July Poland begins to hold Presidency of the Counsil of the European Union. The focus of the Polish Presidency is on three strategic fields: integrity, security and openness.


Kancelaria Medius S.A purchases debt portfolios from a financial market, that is, microloans, on a larger scale.

The managers transform the company into a joint – stock company under the name Kancelaria Medius S.A.. The registered capital was 2 million Polish zloty.  Michał Imiołek becomes the first President of the company.

General Meeting of Shareholders adopts the resolution on emitting B series shares and entering the Warsaw Stock Exchange, on the NewConnect Market.


The 2012 UEFA European Championship. 15 matches played in Poland on four stadiums was watched by over 600 thousand people. During the championship, between the 8th June and the 1st July, Poland was visited by over 3 million people from 110 countries.


Between 3rd and 4th quarter of the year Kancelaria Medius S.A. performs the private offer of B series shares earning 436 thousand  Polish zloty from the investors.

13th June 2012: Kancelaria Medius S.A.,enters the GPW NC. Market. The increase of the value of shares was 30% on the first day. The company is already listed under the abbreviated name KME.

The company starts cooperation with strategic partners in the field of purchasing debt portfolios from the financial market


Broad Peak. Polish alpinists are the first climbers to reach the Broad Peak in winter (the 12th peak in the world). Placed in Karakourum, on the Chinese-Pakistani border, Broad Peak is 8051 meters high. The heroes were Maciej Berbeka, Adam Bielecki, Tomasz Kowalski and Artur Małek. Kowalski and Berbeka were killed on their way back.


In the second half of the year, Medius S.A. performs the private offer of the C series shares, which results in earing 1,2 million Polish zloty for further development.

Moreover, the company performs its first emission of the A series bonds earning 400 thousand Polish zloty. On the 13th June, 2013 the company enters the Warsaw Stock Exchange Catalys market and the first listing of the A series bonds takes place.

The company receives funds within the Operational Economy PO IG 8.2. Program in the amount of 379 943,00 Polish zloty to adjust the system to manage mass receivables. The total value of the project is 546 020,00 Polish zloty.

In the 4th quarter of the year Medius S.A. Performs the emission of the B series worth 2 million Polish zloty.

Rapid increase in managing receivables – the value of debts bought amounts to 5,8 million Polish zloty.


Donald Tusk to be president of the Council of the European Union. Tusk replaces Herman van Rompuy. It is the first time a Polish politician has been appointed such an important position in the EU.


The company moves in a new office – a modern A-class office block.

The development of IT infrastructure in the field of managing mass receivables

Betwen 1st and 2nd the company performs the emission of the C series bonds worth 1,12 million Polish zloty.

Kancelaria Medius S.A. performs the emission of the D series bonds worth 2,2 million Polish zloty.

Rapid increase in managing receivables – the value of debts bought amounts to nearly 12 million Polish zloty.


Jan Kulczyk died at the age of 65. He was one of the greatest Polish global entrepreneurs and the richest Pole, the owner of Kulczyk Investments, an investment company that manages enterprises from the energy and the infrastructure sectors from around the world. He used to say about himself that he was a fish that felt best in rushing rivers. He would die from boredom in a pond.


Kancelaria Medius is starting its operating activities in Spain under the business name of Medius Collection S.L. The company has its registered seat in Madrid. The investment portfolio of Kancelaria Medius has exceeded PLN 100 mln.


Rafał Majka came in the third place during a road bicycle race from a common start at the Olympics in Rio after he raced alone with an advantage of several seconds in the last kilometres. — It was a really tough race but before the start I believed my legs were really moving and I did my utmost when riding uphill. I think you could see that I kept up with the best, e.g. Vincenzo Nibai — said the hero of the Polish representation team after the end of the race.


MM Investments Sp. z o.o. and Trigon TFI S.A. are taking over the controlling interest of Kancelaria Medius and start a process of obtaining an approval for management of securitized debts in order to jointly create NS FIZ fund. Medius Collection S.L. with registered office in Madrid is building a portfolio of assets at the amount of EUR 22 mln, and the investment portfolio of Kancelaria Medius S.A. exceeded PLN 250 mln.


On 9th March 2017 the EU leaders supported the candidacy of Donald Tusk who was elected president of the European Council for a second term. Maciej Bodnar achieves his life success by winning an individual time trial at the Tour de France.


MMI with Trigon TFI S.A. acquire 92% of shares in GK Kancelaria Medius S.A. The KME Group of Companies starts investing in the Czech Republic through its own company and acquires 100% of shares in Kredito Ceska Repubica s.r.o. In December, KME receives permission from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to manage the securitized fund and subsequently creates a fund called Trigon Profit XXX NS FIZ. The Management Board of KME Group of Companies decides to invest in Mexico and Russia. The investment portfolio of the KME Group of Companies amounts to PLN 700 million. The value of assets in MMI exceeded PLN 110 million.


The 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence was a unique opportunity to promote our country in the world. Thousands of economic, cultural and social events were organised. They reminded and emphasized the achievements of Poles in the last 100 years.

Michał Kwiatkowski, a Polish cyclist, finishes the great season by winning the spring edition of the Tirreno-Adriatico race and our national Tour de Pologne race.


MMI and Trigon TFI continue their strategy of increasing the company’s value. In Q1, Kancelaria Medius conducts two bond issues worth PLN 45 mln, as well as the first issue of investment certificates of Trigon Profit XXX Ns FIZ fund, raising PLN 48 mln.

In June, Forbes awards KME as the fastest growing company in the Małopolska province. KME also begins its operations in Mexico through Medius Collection México, S.A., de C.V. as the first Polish debt collection company.

The investment portfolio of Kancelaria Medius exceeded PLN 1 bln.

KME Group

CompanyKancelaria Medius S.A. 
Legal form      Joint-stock company
Registered officePoland 
Addressul. Babińskiego 69, 30-393 Kraków 
Tel+48 12 265 12 76 
Fax+48 12 311 03 06 
Share capital7 305 971 PLN 
CompanyMedius Collection S.L.
Legal form      Limited liability company
Registered officeSpain
AddressCalle Agustín de Foxá 29, 7B, 28036 Madrid
Tel+34 91 011 33 96
Fax+34 91 011 33 96
Share capital250 000 EUR
CompanyMedius Collection Czech Republic s.r.o.
Legal formLimited liability company
Registered office
Czech Republic
AddressBieblova 648/1, 150 00 Prague 5, Smichov
Tel+420 226 281 281
Fax+420 226 281 281
Spisová značkaC 277696 
CompanyMedius Office Collection s.r.o.
Legal form
Limited liability company
Registered office
Czech Republic
AddressNa Folimance 2155/15, 120 000 Prague, Vinohrady
Tel+420 226 281 281
Fax+420 226 281 281
Spisová značkaC 233207
CompanyMedius Collection Mexico SA., de C.V.
Legal form      Limited liability company
Registered officeMexico
AddressAndador Agustín Manuel Chavez 1, Exterior 1, Ciudad de Mexico
Share capital500 000 MXN

Market Maker

ul. Mogilska 65, 31-545 Kraków

Tel.: +48 126 292 292, +48 123 748 748


ul. Moniuszki 50, 31-523 Kraków

Tel.: +48 12 417 78 00, Fax: +48 12 417 78 00 w. 825

Debt market

The debt market is part of the financial services market. The purpose of the market is to conduct activities aimed at liquidating the receivables of business entities and its scope of activity includes all types of debts. The debt market includes the collection of purchased (own) and commissioned (collection) receivables. The non-payment of a single debtor creates a chain of companies that do not pay each other, which makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to do business. Therefore, such situations may become a barrier to economic development.

The debt market has been growing steadily for several years, regardless of the economic situation. Market analyses allow us to state that the market will continue to develop, and that thesis is also confirmed by current forecasts of, among others, the Institute for Economic Research. The optimistic trend was certainly influenced by the amendment of the Corporate Income Tax Act, thanks to which banks will be able to sell their rights to their own credit and loan receivables to other financial institutions more easily.

Undoubtedly, the factor influencing the development of the debt market is the increased interest of various entities in the sale of debts. Banks, telecommunications operators and public benefit entities sell portfolios of non-performing credits, loans and receivables. The increase in interest in the sale of receivables is certainly influenced by the improvement of both the quality of services and the image of specialized debt collection companies.

According to the report ‘The Size of the Polish Debt Market’ for the second quarter of 2017 prepared by the Conference of Financial Companies in Poland, associating the 13 largest representatives of this sector, the number of handled receivables amounted to 17.2 million at the end of the first half of 2017. In comparison to the second quarter of 2016, an increase by 1.6 million units of receivables is visible. At the same time, it constitutes a change which does not exceed the average annual growth rate calculated at the end of particular quarters, starting from the fourth quarter of 2013, amounting to 16.6%.

At the end of September 2017, the value of handled receivables amounted to PLN 104.4 billion, which is a result of over PLN 30 billion more than in the third quarter of 2015. The growing value of portfolios sold for debt management shows the current trend in the banking sector, which aims to improve the quality of its loan portfolios and capital adequacy ratios.

The market of debt collection services is steadily growing in strength. The economic downturn has caused liquidity problems to affect many businesses and consumers. As a result, the debt collection market is becoming more and more mature and the scope of services provided is widening. The prospects for the industry are promising. 

Awards and distinctions

Diamond Forbes 2018
1st place
in Małopolskie district

ZSE XI 2018
2ND STAGE Online Communications Leader

ZSE X 2017
2ND STAGE Złota Strona Emitenta Competition

Cheetahs of Business 2016
of the Małopolskie

ZSE IX 2017
2ND STAGE Złota Strona Emitenta Competition

ZSE X 2017
3RD STAGE Złota Strona Emitenta Competition